When to Replace the Macbook Battery


When to Replace the Macbook Battery

If your Macbook is showing some booting problem or if it is running low on battery every time then you must know that it is in need of help. If you do not boost it now then charger less Macbook will be impossible for you to enjoy. However, many a times we avoid these problems or we tend to negotiate with them.

Either we give excuse that we have lot of other works or maybe we ignore by saying it is not necessary. Now these things are bad. Your Macbook is serving you for so long, can’t you even allow it a good life and the power to perform better. I think you should. There are many macbook repair center in Kolkata , know from where to repair.

Before that, know when to replace the battery:

  1. Charge soon comes to zero: When you put your Macbook to Charge, the charge soon comes to zero. This is one of the earliest signal that your battery is dying out or the power of the battery has reduced. Soon if you do not take action you will have to face the consequence.
  2. Boots late: The second signal is that the macbook takes time to boot. This can be for many reason but one of the main reason is the battery performing slow. The macbook repair service center will also tell you the same.
  3. Flickering occurs:Many a times you will notice that while you work on your macbook some kind of flickering occurs. The screen flickers and seems as if there was some disturbance in connection, it is also due to the battery performing horrible.
  4. Gets heated: The next signal is if your macbook gets heated up very easy. This is a serious issue. Need to treat it soon. If you ignore your macbook make face a lot of issue.

                                          NOW GO GET THE BATTERY REPLACED