How to recover data from crashed hard disk of laptop


How to recover data from crashed hard disk of laptop

Most of the time we face a common problem that is when our laptop crashes we lose our files in the hard disk. This is absolutely a stupid thing. But when this happens we understand what did we lose. So, to protect you from losing out your important files and data, today this blog is very important. You must read this blog carefully to know how you can recover your files and data from your crashed hard disk. Worrying won’t help but working would. It is the work of a professional. Therefore, you must take your laptop to a professional shop to get it done.

Know the steps now:

  1. You need to install Disk drill for both windows or mac
  2. Now launch it.
  3. It’s time you search for lost data. There must be a button like this.
  4. In Mac version the button will be recover.
  5. Now preview the files that you find after scanning.
  6. Now click on the recover button.

It’s time for some Bonous tips:

  • If you find that your damage is immense and it is not at all recover able, then also don’t worry you can recover it by going to data recover service.

    Now some tips so that you never be in such trouble:
  • The moment you hear any strange noise or flashes from the device you must stop using that device.
  • Always use the antivirus software.
  • Never forget to backup your data.
  • Always have an extra storage device.

Follow and be safe:

You must follow these rules and be safe. Only then you will see that you can easily work on your laptops and other machines.