5 Points to demonstrate Why iPhone is better than Android


5 Points to demonstrate Why iPhone is better than Android

This is a lifelong debate that who is better, iPhone or Android. There is no end to it. But every one of us knows why iPhone gains such popularity. Why though being so costly it attracts people towards it. Agree or not iPhone is more intricately built than the Android. iPhone's main components are efficiently designed and minutely placed. Its mechanism is one of a kind and nothing can match its efficiency.

But that doesn't mean Android is bad or you shouldn't buy it. It is good and serves many of your purposes. Many of the people who cannot afford the iPhone do buy android and they also do some great works through it. So nothing can be undermined. But agree or not iPhone always has a higher place. If you go to the best iPhone repair center in Kolkata they will surely tell you the details of it but today in this blog you will know five points that demonstrate why iPhone is better than Android.

It's Faster:

Yes, iPhone works a lot faster than android. This the android users will also agree. The mechanism in an iPhone is such that its work is much faster and smoother than any other phone. It makes your work a lot easier and better. From minimal work to a larger task, it makes everything very easy and safe for you.

Very simple:

Using iPhone is much easier than using Android. Its functioning is smother and simple and it takes less effort and lesser intelligence to handle an iPhone than Android. So, yes it is simple and much easier to handle.

Better Support:

You will get better support and better mechanism in it. If you face any problem then the iPhone managing companies will give you better support. It will provide you the mechanism through which you will be able to use the phone in a better manner.

Serves multiple purposes:

The iPhone serves multiple purposes and gives you that perfection that you need to get your work done. So, iPhone is always better than android because it makes your work simpler and better.

Go to an iPhone repair in Kolkata and there you will get to know how easily your iPhone is better than any other phone. So, be very delicate with your phone and do not mishandle it anyway.