Once Upon a Time, Silly Nikon’s Camera Repair Policy


Once Upon a Time, Silly Nikon’s Camera Repair Policy

Ok! Today we are going to talk about one of the silliest policies that Nikon bought about late back in 2012. This policy was so silly and so much unreal that many photographers and camerapersons were extremely irritated with Nikon and tried to shift from it. Now before telling you about what it was, let me tell you something very important things.

  1. Cameras are bought from different companies and no company can unnecessarily demand anything after you have already bought it.
  2. It is on you that from where you want your camera to be repaired. No one can dump it on you or instruct you.
  3. Your camera is absolutely your right and you should never allow anyone to interfere in it.

So, if these points are clear to you then now listen what Nikon demanded or kind of did in 2012. Nikon declared that the spare parts or the original repairing parts of the camera cannot be bought from outside or it will not be made available in any local camera repairing shop. The people those who want their Nikon camera to be repaired must get it repaired from the original Nikon shop.

This was complete injustice done to the Nikon camera lovers. However now situations are good after some protests. Yes, it is true that when you want to get your camera repaired you must do it from a good and genuine camera-repairing center, it assures originality. Camera repair in Salt Lake City, is a nice place to get your camera repaired and that too in a genuine manner. So always, have a good knowledge about the shop from where you want to get your camera repaired.

Don’t be silly be smart:

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