Monsoon Macbook Caring Routine


Monsoon Macbook Caring Routine

So you are an apple user and an apple user is someone who is very cautious and always ready to take care of his or her apple gadgets. We all know apple gadgets are so precious a pricey. It is better we take an extra care for them rather than neglect latter. So having a Macbook is itself a prized position but caring for it and keeping it safe in every condition is not an easy task. You need to really work hard and right to keep your Macbook safe and in right condition.

If you don’t care for your Macbook then soon it will get damaged and you will face a loss of a huge amount of money. Yes, if it gets damaged you can always go for a Macbook repair, but as we all know prevention is better than cure so why not take some extra care of it now.

During monsoons, many things tend to lose its stability. They tend to get damaged easily, destroy soon and be of no use. So monsoon is the month when you need to take that extra care of you Macbook.

How?, Here is it:

  1. Always make sure you carry your Macbook in a waterproof bag whenever you move out of the house. Keep it in a safe compartment and then step out of the house.
  2. Then you must always have a Silica gel pouch in your bag so that they can easily absorb all the moisture and keep your macbook dry and good.
  3. If by some unfortunate reason your macbook gets wet then unplug all the connections, remove the or disconnect the battery and allow it to dry up naturally and after it dry completely then power it up.
  4. During thunderstorm, remove all the plugs from the power connection because this might damage the machine drastically.

Care for it and keep it safe:

You must always care for your Macbook and allow it so that it remains safe and secured.