Five Best App for Your Smart Phone


Five Best App for Your Smart Phone

Hello, Guys! Bored up at your home? Watched probably all the web series, Netflix, youtube etc. Now don’t know what to do? Ok then go on read this blog and know about five best apps, which you can install in your phone and learn something new without compromising with fun and enjoyment. However if you are facing any problem with your smart phone, iphone, laptop, desktop, camera like DSLR and SLR then you can always approach the best electronic repair center in the town the Electric Doctors. They repair all the electronics especially they are best mackbook repair center in Kolkata. So, consider visiting them with your problematic gadgets.

Here we go with our five best app for your Smart Phone:

  1. TED: This is one of my favorite app and the reason behind it is that I not only get inspired from it, I get to learn so much with fun and not at all compromising with entertainment. You can search for any topic you want out here and you get to learn so much from this. Moreover, this app has videos in different languages and you can choose anyone you want.
  2. Current Affairs: No, you do not need to be a geek to dominate this world with your knowledge. You just need to have a mobile practical understanding. Yes, I know its sounds fun. Download this app and you are ready to gain a lot of knowledge participate in many quizzes on the go. You will absolutely love the app and soon you are going to astonish everyone with your knowledge base.
  3. Curiosity: Don’t sit dumb with your broken mobile. Just run to the best Mobile repairing shop Electric Doctors and get it repaired. Moreover, if your macbook is out of order get it repaired too. Your favorite and most awaited Macbook repair shop in Kolkata. You can easily download Curiosity on your repaired phone and if you are someone, who loves to keep knowledge about many new things this is the best app for you.
  4. Wolfram Alpha: This app is designed for the people those who love doing math or is trying to have some insight for it. It provides you different types of math problem, you need to solve them in different methods, and it tests you with different algorithm. Even physics problems are also solved here.
  5. Qurora: Last but not the least this is one of the best app and you must download it. You can easily learn a lot from this app and you can even ask the question that is in your mind to this app. You will get answered from well educated personalities.

Points to remember:

  • Have a proper smart phone.
  • Download from play store.
  • Use with interest.
  • Engage in questionnaires.
  • Value your time.

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Go Download now:

Yes, now it is time you enjoy your time with certain kind of knowledge within you. You will surely be benefitted from it. All the best and keep moving.