Complete and detailed knowledge about iphone SE 2020


Complete and detailed knowledge about iphone SE 2020

Many wanted to get a details knowledge about iphone SE, so today we thought about doing it and providing them details knowledge about iphone SE. Some I know fear to buy an iphone thinking of its repairing cost. However, let me tell you that iphone repair in Kolkata is a great option to sort out this problem.

So, worry no more and lets look into this magical iphone that has been launched by apple which we know as iphone SE.

Why am I calling this a magical Phone?

There are so many apple phones in the market and they are so costly but this phone cost near about 40 thousand. This is the cheapest iphone in the market now but having all the latest features. So, to me this phone is obviously magical and amazing to be precise.

What is so special about this phone?

There are so many specialties about this phone. What to say and what not to say? However, the most special thing is it’s price and its specification. There is iphone 11 and iphone 11 pro, max and what not in the market. However, having kind of same specifications this phone is becoming the latest heartthrob. Moreover, this phone looks like the actual apple phones.

What about its battery and RAM?

Many people have many doubts about its battery and RAM. Let’sget cleared. It has 3 GB RAM and most importantly this iphone is the latest iphone to come in A13 chipset. It’s battery has the capacity of 1820mAh.

What can one expect from this phone?

The thing that one can expect from this phone is that, they can expect guarantee of apple, good battery quality, good ram, nice processor, camera and what not. I must say those who dream of owning an iphone and still not owned it because of its high price; it’s time you get it now.

Get the phone now:

Wait no more, it’s time you get the phone now and enjoy the experience of an iphone. If you are worried about dropping the phone and breaking the screen then iphone screen repair Kolkata is always there for you.