All you need to know about Apple MacBook Pro


All you need to know about Apple MacBook Pro

Apple is an American company, but this company has so much to provide that people just can’t get over it. Apple is the most luxurious brands or company that rules the most part of laptops and phones market all over the world. Anyone having an apple’s phone or laptop, is understood as a rich person. Yes, they are costly and they are a dream for every middle class person. In India, you can think of an apple product only if you have atleast 80 thousand rupees to spend in luxury items.  Repairing apple products is a problem on its own. You do not get good repairing shop for it easily. In this case it is not so easy but people those who live in Kolkata for them macbook repair in Salt lake is always available.

However, today in this article we are going to discuss about Apple Mac Book Pro. Let’s begin:

  1. Best model: Talking about Mac laptops, let me tell you that apple macbook pro is the latest and the most amazing laptop ever produced by Mac. It seems to be the future of laptops. It has some amazing features and specifications.
  2. Available in: The macbook is available in two sizes one is 13.3 inch and the other is 16 inch. Both are available in different values. The larger the size, the better is the price. Don’t worry about the repairing part of these macbooks, there is a very specific macbook repair shop in Kolkata.
  3. Specifications:
  • The operating system that it performs with is, MacOs
  • The CPU is Intel Core i9
  • Memory is of 32gb and 64gb
  • The storage is of 4TB and 8TB
  • The battery life is of 10 hours and 11 hours.


  1. Specialties:
  • Backlit magic
  • Touch bar
  • Touch id
  • Track pad
  • Force touch etc.
  1. Price:  The 16 inch model costs minimum 2 lakhs and the 13 inch model costs 1 lakh,23 thousand.

Get it now:

Don’t worry if problem arises where to repair. If you stay in Kolkata there is always a solution, macbook repair centre in salt lake, kolkata  is the answer to your question.